Friday, June 22, 2012

How Capitalism Self-Corrects

In a capitalist economy, each choice you make is a vote. The following are some tips every responsible consumer should follow:

  • When your car accelerates uncontrollably and kills you, don't buy that make any more.

  • When the banks wreck the economy, take what's left of your business elsewhere—a sock, or a shoebox, perhaps.

  • When the health care oligarchy organizes mobs of bellowing idiots to cripple reform, write a blog post.

  • When Appalachia is turned into Mordor; when every stream is poisoned; when every city reeks; when the ice-caps are melting; when the biosphere is collapsing, ride your bicycle to work. Put a bell on it.

  • When you are run over by an SUV, ring the bell.

  • When General United owns everything…um…

  • When all wealth and power are concentrated in a ruling elite; when the courts, prisons, police, spies, and military serve them alone; when due process has gone the way of habeas corpus; when the walls have ears; when you will confess, accept your chains. (Only $19.95) 
Always remember: capitalism works best when each of us works to be the invisible hand's little helping hand.

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