Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How I Lost My Cookies

I stopped to buy Girl Scout cookies yesterday, and by way of chatting, thoughtlessly asked if they had noticed any effect from "cookiecott." The oldest girl, who was about twelve, asked me what that was. The others were all much younger. They looked at each other, and at me, and were equally puzzled.

At that point, I realized two things: Their leaders hadn't told them, and Girl Scouts are very, very green. I made a feeble joke about Weight Watchers Anonymous and left. How could I possibly tell little kids that self-nominated "patriots," stirred up by billionaires and the hate-mongering sociopaths they fund, had decided that the Girl Scouts of America are bunch of feminist, commie, lesbian baby-killers?

When I got home, I discovered that I had forgotten my cookies. I felt sick. How are we going to clean up this mess?

I have since learned from a scout leader that some liberal organizations have also little-boycotted the Girl Scouts, apparently for being insufficiently green.

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